VoWC announces 3rd annual ‘Imagine A Day Without Water’ campaign

The Value of Water Coalition has announced the 3rd annual ‘Imagine A Day Without Water‘ campaign will be held on Oct. 12, 2017.

In 2016, nearly 500 organizations across the country and thousands of individuals are came together for this annual advocacy day to raise awareness about the critical resource every human relies on every day — water.imagine-a-day-2017

Imagine a Day Without Water connects elected officials, drinking water and wastewater providers, community leaders, business and labor groups, policy experts, advocacy organizations and infrastructure experts in an effort to better to educate the public about the water infrastructure crisis currently facing the United States.

Organized by the Value of Water Campaign, hundreds of participating organizations have taken part in events aimed at raising awareness about the crucial need for investment to ensure that no community in America is left without water and the infrastructure that brings it to and from homes and businesses.

“This national day of action is educating public officials and engaging citizens about the essential role water plays in our lives, and the threat that aging and underfunded water infrastructure poses to our communities and economy” said Radhika Fox, director of the Value of Water Coalition and CEO of the US Water Alliance in a statement last year. “Most people can take for granted that when the turn on the tap, or flush the toilet, water systems functions exactly as they are supposed to. But the systems that provide critical water and wastewater services are aging, and we need to take action before it gets worse. Because a day without water is nothing short of a crisis.”

Use the hashtags #ValueWater and #ImagineADayWitoutWater to share your initiatives, events and activities to help raise awareness on social media throughout the year, culminating in the Oct. 12 advocacy day.

In 2015, the Value of Water Campaign launched the event with the goal of bringing together every water and wastewater agency and like-minded advocacy groups to raise awareness about the often invisible water infrastructure crisis. The Value of Water Campaign is coordinated by US Water Alliance, and is fundamental to the Alliance’s mission of driving a paradigm shift in how the nation views, values and manages water.

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