Utilis, Innovyze partner on asset planning tools

Utilis, a provider of underground soil moisture data detected from satellite, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Innovyze as part of its USA Partner Program.

According to Utilis, the USA Partner Program is a symbiotic relationship between Utilis and the partner, whereas both companies promote and grow business as a team.

Likewise, Utilis has also joined the Innovyze Partner network for integration into Innovyze’s InfoAsset product line. The comapnies say the partnership will put them in a position to market a full solution to water utility customers worldwide.

“Our partnership clearly demonstrates a virtuous cycle in sensor data analytics matched with utility system assessments.  These drive world-class decisions in deploying asset strategies in the most cost-effective manner,” said James Perry, vice president of business development at Utilis. “We are pleased to work closely with Innovyze on solutions in the leakage and asset condition identification arena coupled with actionable asset prioritization planning tools in water markets served around the world.”

InfoAsset Planner is the industry leader in providing analytics for asset planning and allows utilities to develop a complete asset prioritization master plan.  The two companies have integrated the Utilis satellite-based leak zoning dataset directly into InfoAsset Planner.  Now customers can easily bring in their Utilis projects to be used as a key data source in risk-based modeling and decision making.

“Utilis’ satellite data analysis to locate potable moisture combined with InfoAsset Planner’s deep toolset of LoF, CoF, Risk, remaining useful life calculations, decision tree and integration with industry standard CMMS systems provide an unbeatable combination for Utilities and consulting firms working on the development of optimized prioritized infrastructure renewal programs,” added Erick Heath, vice president of global strategic partnerships at Innovyze.

Utilis and Innovyze plan to demonstrate their new combined capabilities in upcoming webinars and case studies. Please visit each company’s product pages to learn more about the products and services offered by each partner at utiliscorp.com/product/leak-detection/ and innovyze.com/en-us/products/infoasset-overview/infoasset-planner/infoasset-planner-workflow.


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