US Water Alliance hosts 8th annual ‘Imagine A Day Without Water’

More than 1,000 organizations participate in the national day of action

Last Thursday, thousands of individuals from across 38 states joined numerous organizations and communities in commemorating the eighth annual “Imagine a Day Without Water” National Day of Action, which provides education and advocacy on the importance of access to safe, affordable and reliable drinking water and sanitation. 

Led by the US Water Alliance’s Value of Water Campaign, these organizations have encouraged their communities to “Imagine a Day Without Water,” as a way to raise awareness about the role of water infrastructure in our lives and the importance of continued and equitable investment.  

“We are so inspired by the myriad of activities organizations are leading to engage their communities,” said Mami Hara, CEO of the US Water Alliance. “From art, essay, and video contests, to tours of water and wastewater facilities, and public declarations designating October 20 as an official ‘Imagine a Day Without Water’ communities across the country are demonstrating that they value water and water services.” 

More than two million Americans do not have easy access to drinking water or sanitation. Low-income, Black, Hispanic, Latino, Indigenous, and other people of color are most likely to experience this issue. When this happens, these individuals can’t bathe their children, prepare meals, wash their clothes, or fill a glass with cold, clean drinking water from their taps. 

“Raising awareness about the state of water infrastructure is a crucial step to ensuring water systems keep flowing for generations to come,” said Oluwole (OJ) McFoy, Board Chair of the US Water Alliance “Even though we cannot see the pipes and sewers beneath our feet, water cannot be taken for granted. High-quality water service is a critical part of every thriving community. Today is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about their local water system, where their drinking water comes from, and where their wastewater goes.”  

Since its inception in 2017, “Imagine a Day Without Water” has served as a National Day of Action that encourages Americans to consider what it would mean to live our lives on a daily basis without easy access to drinking water or water sanitation. With an increasingly volatile and disruptive climate, the challenges of maintaining water infrastructure that is a more than a century old in some places will only grow.  

An additional focus of this year’s day was to invite individuals to take the #OneWaterPledge and learn more about where our water comes from and where our wastewater goes.  

You can learn more at and follow the conversation on social media at #ImagineADayWithoutWater and #OneWaterPledge

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