Unlock unprecedented control with the newest C&I meter

The Sensus Cordonel® is a game-changer for smart water metering needs. With its groundbreaking design featuring a unique flow tube, it ensures no drop goes unmeasured. This innovative meter excels in capturing and analyzing usage, flow, temperature, and pressure, granting unparalleled visibility and control over your water network.

Versatility is key with the Cordonel, boasting installation flexibility with its U0D0 design allowing for no requirement for straight lay lengths of pipe, the sturdy, waterproof construction is adaptable to any environment. Leveraging advanced ultrasonic technology and connectivity through the Sensus FlexNet® communication network, it delivers real-time data on both low and high flows with pinpoint precision. Plus, with no moving parts, this solid-state device guarantees a maintenance-free operation throughout its lifespan.

The Sensus Cordonel isn’t just a meter; it’s a solution offering comprehensive visibility into your water usage. Measure every drop accurately and efficiently with Cordonel and ensure optimal management of your water resources. Learn more about what Cordonel can do for your utility today or contact us to begin revolutionizing your utility.

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