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The American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) 2018 Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE18), being held June 11-14 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, is one of the largest water industry tradeshows of the year in North America.

The year’s program and workshops will be held from June 11-14 and will encompass a variety of forums, facility tours and networking events. The technical program will include close to 1,000 expert presenters in 16 defined tracks focusing on topics including: utility management and leadership; stakeholder engagement and communications; small system management and operations; financing, rates and affordability; water policy and regulatory issues; asset management; innovation and technology; water use efficiency; water resource management and potable reuse; advancements in water treatment and much more.

AWWA announces keynotes for ACE in Las Vegas

The exposition will take place June 12-14 and will feature more than 450 exhibiting companies specializing in water distribution, metering, flow monitoring, leak detection, filtration, security and wastewater and more, that will showcase their products and services.

Here are a handful of new technologies and announcements sent our way from companies that will be exhibiting at the show this year…

badger meterE-Series Ultrasonic Meters for Commercial Applications from Badger Meter

The next generation in E-Series Ultrasonic water meters from Badger Meter are designed for high measurement accuracy and long-term reliability. They are ideal for measuring potable cold water in commercial and industrial applications that experience wide fluctuations in water demand. Meter alarms provide early detection to flow, temperature and pressure disturbances to help utilities proactively manage their water systems more efficiently. With no moving parts, the E-Series Ultrasonic meters offer increased performance to maximize revenue.

Blue-White’s Proseries-M MD-3 Chemical Metering Pump

Proseries-M MD-3 Chemical Metering Pump, delivers Precision Chemical Feed for the Treatment of Municipal Water & Waste Water. The Hybrid MD-3 Diaphragm Metering Pump has 2000:1 turndown, and smooth chemical dosing with no pulsation dampener required. With 380 strokes per minute, the Proseries-M MD-3 provides a remarkably steady flow. The near continuous flow results in no gas build up or loss of prime. The drop-in-place design of MD-3, along with conveniently built-in controls, make installation and set-up fast and efficient.

fcsPermaNet+ from Fluid Conservation Systems

PermaNet+ is a battery-powered, cellular-enabled, acoustic leak detection and monitoring solution that delivers daily leak reports, including acoustic leak audio files and autocorrelations, via the cloud. PermaNet+ is installed below grade, eliminating the need to install and maintain additional above ground infrastructure. The PermaNetWeb cloud dashboard includes powerful web tools to filter and listen to leak audio, validate remote correlations, identify leak locations and minimize NRW.

kamstrapNew Analytics Platform from Kamstrup

Kamstrup’ s new analytics platform Water Management & Incidents for smart metering supports you in beating water loss and securing revenue. The analytics toolkit enables you to unlock the full potential of your meter data and transforms it into actionable insights. The applications automatically organize, visualize and analyze your data to give you the total overview of your distribution network with detailed incidentmanagement and insights into the consumption, night flow and water loss.

VTScada 11.3 VTScada 11.3 – SCADA Done Right

For 32 years, utilities and integrators have turned to VTScada for a smarter, less frustrating approach to SCADA. Transparent licensing, open connectivity, and exceptional support allow applications to scale indefinitely. In 11.3, Thin Clients can use OpenID Connect to support single sign-in and two-factor authentication. IPv6 allows near unlimited addressing. Support for Twilio provides web-based voice telephony where modem hardware is impractical. The IEC driver supports popular European devices. For more, visit

HYMAXHYMAX GRIP 16 in. – Safely Restrain Large-Size Pipes

HYMAX GRIP 16 in. is a restraint product with only four top-facing bolts and a stab-fit, one-piece design that can be easily installed without under digging or losing bolts in the mud. The wide-range HYMAX GRIP 16 in. restrains metal and plastic pipes, including HDPE, and its dynamic deflection allow for up to four degrees per side, reducing future pipe cracks and breaks. Check out HYMAX GRIP 16 in. at ACE18 at booth #17125.

ItronItron Smart Water Solution

Itron’s comprehensive smart water solution leverages proven, secure AMI technology and analytics to trend consumption patterns, listen for leaks and protect revenue—in one Itron solution. Turn meter data into actionable intelligence to improve utility operations, enhance customer service and support conservation programs. And with Itron’s water communication module and integrated Leak Sensor, utilities can monitor their entire distribution system around the clock, acoustically surveying the integrity of the system to prevent non-revenue water, make installation and set-up fast and efficient.

M.E. Simpson Co.

M.E. Simpson – ACE18 Meter Testing Demo

M.E. Simpson Company, Inc. specializes in testing large wholesale and production water meters. This is accomplished using Polcon Pressure and Flow Monitoring equipment, which is designed and manufactured by M.E. Simpson Company, Inc. engineers. There will be a demonstration of the Polcon Pitot Testing Methodology at the M.E. Simpson booth (#18103) on Wednesday June 13th, at 11 a.m. at ACE18. See you there!


Mueller Adds Reclaimed Water Wrench Nut for Resilient Wedge Gate Valves

Mueller resilient wedge gate valves now have an option for a purple pentagon-shaped wrench nut, intended for reclaimed water service installations. This wrench nut introduces two distinguishing features: a unique shape requiring a special key for improved security and a purple finish to quickly identify reclaimed water. Purple is recognized by the American Public Works Association to identify “reclaimed” water line components and was adopted in 1980 by the AWWA California-Nevada Section for reclaimed water pipelines. For more information, visit or call 800-523-8618.

muellerSuper Centurion A-403 Fire Hydrant from Mueller Co.

Designed to be installed and maintained by one person, the Super Centurion A-403 fire hydrant features a two-piece ductile iron upper barrel. The nozzle section can be separated from the traffic section by removing two high strength bolts, making seat replacement or traffic repair simple and quick. All internal components, nozzles, and repair parts are fully interchangeable with the Super Centurion 250 hydrant. The A-403 is certified UL/FM/AWWA at 350psi operating pressure and factory tested to 700psi. Visit us at ACE booth #17017 or or call 800-423-1323.

neptuneGrow Your Smart City Strategy Starting with a Smart Water Network from Neptune

Build on the smart water technology you already have with open standards-based communication infrastructure designed to grow with you. Support maintenance-free AMI infrastructure with Neptune IoT technology. Leverage Neptune R900 NaaS technology, the first LoRa Alliance certified solution for water AMI networks. Move toward a smarter city with solutions to win your day. Visit us at or ACE18, booth #17043.

repipeRePipe 4710 Trenchless Water Main Replacement

Cities across America are facing similar problems brought on by aging and failing infrastructure. RePipe 4710 is a trenchless water main replacement solution that delivers cost savings from installation through operation and maintenance. We accomplish this by replacing the existing deteriorated mains with a new structural high-density polyethylene pipe inside the existing main. The process is less expensive and less disruptive than the traditional method of digging and replacing pipe.

bentleyMaking “Smart” Decisions with Bentley Systems’ Smart Water/Wastewater Networks

Water utilities teams work with various types of infrastructure data about their water systems. The data is typically used by one of the water utility’s teams, but it is not always shared with other teams. To truly understand how the system functions and how possible decisions may impact it, data sources (e.g. GIS, SCADA) must be connected with simulation tools, such as Bentley’s hydraulic modeling software.

krohneKROHNE launches WATERFLUX 3070 Flowmeter

KROHNE, Inc. now offers the innovative updated WATERFLUX 3070 flowmeter, which provides precise measurement, no moving parts and maintenance-free service. The battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter is a good choice for drinking water applications and an ideal solution where power is unavailable. WATERFLUX 3070 is the first battery-powered meter for the drinking water industry with built-in flow, pressure and temperature measurement with one sensor. For more information, visit

mcgardThe Intimidator Hydrant Lock from McGard

Control illegal use, vandalism and water theft from hydrants with Hydrant Locks from McGard. It attaches easily to the hydrant in minutes, using common hand tools. No time consuming, costly drilling and tapping is necessary. The hydrant is then operated utilizing the special wrench, available only from McGard. For more information, call 888-888-9192 or visit

sensusSensus ally water meter

Featuring an integrated three-state valve, the Sensus ally water meter provides utilities with more visibility and control of service connections. The ally meter empowers utilities to be smarter at every point with the ability to turn service on or off, reduce flow to minimize lost revenue and measure water consumption remotely. Utilities can also reduce labor costs, lower fuel costs and optimize billing system integration with the Sensus ally water meter. For more info, visit

InVizionInVizion Capital Planning Solution

InVizion believes in saving time and money in the capital planning and management process. Our solution improves the outcome and output of a CIP. We do this with a software solution that simply adds to your existing enterprise systems. Help is a click away at or at ACE18 in Isle Utilities’ Innovation Booth.

syrinixPIPEMINDER-S from Syrinix

PIPEMINDER-S is a high-resolution pressure monitoring tool, providing 128 s/s data with immediate notification of network events. This sophisticated data logger highlights patterns of events such as transients or ‘water hammer’ whether absolute pressure exceeds a maximum level or not. It recognises that constant oscillations within a pipeline, causing ‘fatigue’, can also lead to leaks and bursts. This newly patented approach which enables utilities to make changes and calm down water networks and ultimately extend infrastructure lifetimes.

water smartWaterSmart Software High Bill Resolution System

Visit WaterSmart Software in booth 19077 at ACE18 to see a demo of the industry’s first high bill resolution system for end use customers and learn the endless number of use cases for the new forms feature. WaterSmart is the leading customer engagement and data analytics platform helping utilities to engage with customers at key moments to reduce service costs, protect revenue and resources and increase customer satisfaction.

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