Technology Stream — Spotlight on Condition Assessment

Editor’s Note: Check out some of the innovative products sent our way this month as we feature condition assessment technology.


GraniteNet – The Next Generation Asset-Inspection and Decision SuppGraniteNetort Software

GraniteNet is the next-generation infrastructure inspection and decision support software for water, wastewater, stormwater and municipal public works asset management. Whether used in the field on tablets or via a web browser to review and analyze inspections, GraniteNet embraces the Cloud for media storage while enabling simple, precise data collection with integrated GIS mapping and GPS. Come see how this new software is helping contractors and municipal asset managers to lower their operating costs and increase efficiency across departments. For more, visit

EnvirosightEnvirosight Quickview airHD

The new cable-free Quickview airHD camera captures high-definition (HD) video from sewers and transmits it wirelessly to a touchscreen tablet for live viewing. With the Quickview app installed, the tablet offers fingertip control of zoom, illumination, and tilt, as well as image capture and video recording/playback/annotation/sharing. And because the camera has motorized tilt, as well as in-manhole centering capability and hands-free stabilization, set-up takes virtually no time at all.

Info-SensePrioritize Sewer Cleaning with the InfoSense SL-RAT

Save time. Save water. Save money. Assess gravity sewer lines for blockage in three minutes or less with the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT, by InfoSense. Patented technology provides a fast assessment of overall blockage conditions within gravity-fed sewers. No flow contact and at 1/10th to 1/20th the cost of alternatives. Highly portable, GPS enabled, EPA validated. Over 70 million ft inspected by hundreds of utilities. Winner, WEF Innovative Technology Award. For more, visit

ITpipes WebITpipes Web

ITpipes Web gives you actionable intelligence for your pipeline inspections, anytime, anywhere, on any device. The ITpipes platform includes mobile for data collection, sync for automated sharing and data management, web for collaboration and analysis and more. This platform integrates to your existing compliance systems, asset management system and ESRI GIS platform seamlessly. With configuration ITpipes can be used for planning rehab, repairs, rescheduling operations and maintenance and any data you need for decision making!

Matchpoint Matchpoint Enigma3m GPRS

Water asset management can be a daunting task. Matchpoint has the key to simplifying it – the Enigma3m GPRS, acoustic noise logging system. Easily deployed, this mastermind combines localization and accurate, time-synced correlation technologies to validate the integrity of the distribution system, transmitting data remotely to your viewing device. If leakage is evident, the loggers will automatically pinpoint the leak’s exact location. The result? Instantaneous, meaningful and actionable data for preventing catastrophic events. Learn more at

M.E. SimpsonM.E. Simpson Co.

Thanks to its recent partnership with Echologics, M.E. Simpson is excited to introduce two new services for transmission main leak detection (water loss control) and pipeline condition assessment (asset management). M.E. Simpson provides targeted services that directly reduce NRW and improve distribution system efficiencies using proven selected water loss control programs and asset management services. We employ highly skilled and trained professionals who use state-of-the-art technologies so our clients receive the highest quality technical services. For more, visit

Pure TechnologiesPure Technologies’ PureRobotics Pipeline Inspection Platform

PureRobotics is a pipeline inspection platform designed to transport sensors and tools vast distances through pipelines. The transporter is safer than manned inspections, especially for wastewater and where regulations are keeping people out of pipelines. The PureRobotics system can be equipped with multi-sensor tools, including an inertial measurement unit, 3-D LIDAR scanning tools, or pull condition assessment tools such as 2-D laser technology that measures a pipeline’s size, shape and level of corrosion.

Syrinix PipeMinder-TSyrinix PipeMinder-T

Providing automated, high-resolution leak detection, plus transient and burst detection, PipeMinder-T transforms how utilities manage their networks. With straightforward installation and a one-year battery life, PipeMinder-T continuously monitors the pipeline, automatically identifying and locating emergent leaks, enabling immediate repair in advance of catastrophic failure. Incorporating hydrophone and geophone acoustic sensors with false positive mitigation and intensive data analytics, PipeMinder-T provides utilities with peace of mind that one-off survey tools cannot offer. For more, visit

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