Technology Stream – December 2016


Aclara Technologiesaclara

Aclara Technologies LLC offers smart infrastructure solutions to more than 780 water, gas and electric utilities globally. Aclara solutions include smart meters, sensors, grid monitoring, advanced metering infrastructure, software and services that allow utilities to predict and respond to conditions, leverage their distribution networks effectively and engage with their customers.

badgerBadger Meter BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics

BEACON AMA from Badger Meter combines the intuitive BEACON AMA software suite with proven ORION AMI technology, giving water utilities greater visibility and control over utility management. BEACON AMA uses a managed solution approach – plus fixed and cellular networks – to deliver a simple yet powerful end-to-end solution. Built-in infrastructure management services and a flexible system design eliminate maintenance and technology concerns. Call 800-616-3837 or go to to discover more.

eatonEaton RFW-201 Water Node

Eaton announces the availability of its next generation Cooper Power Series water node, the RFW-201. This water node provides utilities a robust option for fixed network AMI capabilities. The RFW-201 operates on Eaton’s self-healing Smart Grid Network and can be used in conjunction with Eaton’s industry-leading electric AMI, demand response and distribution automation solutions. This smart metering technology is currently freeing up personnel contributing towards annual savings of $200,000 for St. Clairsville, Ohio.

itronItron Leak Sensor

Itron’s leak sensor, part of the OpenWay Riva solution, provides acoustic leak detection to help utilities identify leaks before they become a major problem, reducing waste and cost long-term. Strategically placed sensors analyze sound patterns to detect new and existing leaks and send the data directly to the utility, making sure they are aware of even the smallest leaks automatically.

mueller-systemsMueller Systems’ Mi.Net

Mueller Systems’ migratable version of its AMI Mi.Net system provides a true migration path for smart metering. Water utilities can now bridge the gap between a traditional drive-by meter reading system or AMR and a fixed network AMI. The Mi.Net system links meters, distribution sensor and control devices in an efficient wireless network for real-time access to data that helps water utilities better manage their water systems and improve customer relationships. Mueller Systems is a member of the LoRa(tm) Alliance, which is bringing the Internet of Things to municipalities and water infrastructure. For more visit

neptuneNeptune Managed Services

Water utilities of any size can access secure data at any time via Neptune’s managed services, using a cloud-hosted solution instead of an on-site server, and avoiding new investments in IT and infrastructure. Personnel don’t have to monitor a network, and can focus on collecting metering data, reducing non-revenue water, and providing customer service – instead of having to download/apply system, security, or software updates. Learn more at

sedaruSedaru Smart Ops

IDModeling, Inc. has introduced Sedaru Smart Ops for real-time alerting, analysis and prediction of water system performance. This technology enables engineers and operators to reduce water loss, energy costs and cost of operations. Sedaru serves as a single source of data to the enterprise, unifying static and real-time information systems and distributing anytime-anywhere analytics to the organization for both asset and operational management. This allows utilities to anticipate operations, understand impacts and solve problems with unprecedented situational awareness from the office to the field.

sensusSensus FlexNet Communication Network

Working with smart meters and sensors, the powerful network securely transmits and receives customer usage data at over two-times the power of competitive systems. You can use that data to proactively manage your distribution system. The Sensus two-way network lets you collect, deliver, manage and analyze data more frequently. Smart management of your system is the foundation for smart cities today and tomorrow.

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