Technology Stream — April 2018

 Editor’s Note: Check out some of the innovative products sent our way this month as we feature leak detection.

aquariusAquarius Spectrum Pipe Condition Assessment

Aquarius Spectrum is about to deploy 1,000 acoustic and hydrophone sensors in two major cities in Israel, after winning two leak detection and pipe condition assessment projects for distribution and trunk main pipes. Based on its AQS-SYS continuous monitoring system — Aquarius will help the water utilities to reduce the risk of pipe bursts by predictive maintenance using innovative techniques: leak development statistics and transient pressure wave analysis. The new technology enables the utilities to prioritize replacement of pipe segments by its actual condition rather than its age and prolong the life of the existing pipes. For more, visit

echologicsEchoShore-DX from Echologics

EchoShore-DX is a fixed leak detection technology using proprietary acoustic sensors to find leaks on a wide variety of pipe materials and water distribution mains. Sensors identify extremely faint acoustical noises emitted by leaks before they become detectable by conventional methods — saving utilities time and money. At the heart of the platform is an intelligent node which is embedded into a standard fire hydrant cap. The node is pre-assembled and consists of an acoustic sensor, analysis software, network hardware, batteries and an antenna. Echologics is a Mueller Water Products Company. For more info, visit

fluid conservation systemsPermaNet+ from Fluid Conservation Systems

PermaNet+ is changing the economics of leak detection! PermaNet+ is a battery-powered, cellular-enabled, acoustic leak detection and monitoring solution that delivers daily leak reports, including acoustic leak audio files and autocorrelations, via the cloud. PermaNet+ is installed below grade, eliminating the need to install and maintain additional above ground infrastructure. The PermaNetWeb cloud dashboard includes powerful web tools to filter and listen to leak audio, validate remote correlations, identify leak locations and minimize NRW.

utility services associates and fractaUtility Services Associates & Fracta Partnership

Utility Services Associates and Fracta are now providing targeted leak detection utilizing big data and AI-machine learning to more accurately, quickly and affordably identify which potable water mains are most likely to fail. Using pipe data, break history and hundreds of geographical and environmental variables, Fracta calculates the Likelihood of Failure (LOF) for each pipe segment in a distribution system, giving utilities a new tool to concentrate their leak detection dollars where it makes the most sense. Visit or for more information.

Hydromax USA & Utilis LTDHydromax USA & Utilis LTD Satellite Scanning Technology

Hydromax USA and Utilis LTD come together to bring water utilities proven satellite scanning technology to accurately find water leaks within their water infrastructure. Using the same satellite technology to look for water on other planets, Hydromax clients have the capability to locate network water loss over thousands of square kilometers — all through aerial scans from space. This solution can accurately pinpoint leaks within a 100- to 300-ft radius, saving significant labor costs associated with finding leaks using today’s current leak detection technology.

itronItron Leak Sensor

Itron’s leak sensor, part of the OpenWay Riva solution, provides acoustic leak detection to help utilities identify leaks before they become a major problem, reducing waste and cost long-term. Strategically placed sensors analyze sound patterns to detect new and existing leaks and send the data directly to the utility, making sure they are aware of even the smallest leaks automatically.

neptuneDetect Leaks & Monitor Pressure with Neptune ‘Sensor’ Networks

Automated metering infrastructure (AMI) networks for water utilities have become ‘sensor’ networks. Acoustic leak detectors and pressure monitor are available through Neptune and can be incorporated into a Neptune R900 AMI System by simply connecting an R900 MIU to these devices. Data collected by the Neptune MIUs in conjunction to these devices is made available through Neptune’s host software for display, monitoring, and alarm notification. Timing and identification are critical when facing leak repair needs.

sensusSensus iPERL water meter

The Sensus iPERL smart water meter offers unparalleled leak detection capabilities with low-flow accuracy and high-flow durability. Using innovative magnetic technology, iPERL captures previously unmeasured low flow down to 0.11 gallons per minute, increasing returns for customers while maximizing operational efficiencies and driving additional revenue. The meter has no moving parts and maintains accuracy over a 20-year lifetime. With advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) connectivity, iPERL meters provide quick leak detection.

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