Tadiran Rapid Response Batteries Deliver Enhanced Performance

Tadiran Batteries, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries, has recently developed its new Tadiran Rapid Response (TRR) Series, a new family of lithium thionyl chloride batteries capable of delivering high capacity and high energy density without voltage or power delay, resulting in up to 15 percent longer operating life in certain applications.

Decades of research and development have led engineers at Tadiran to develop this major breakthrough in lithium chemistry, as the TRR Series is the first commercially available lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) battery capable of eliminating passivation effects that can hinder battery performance.

When a standard LiSOCl2 battery is first subjected to load, voltage can drop temporarily and then return to its nominal value. The Rapid Response batteries virtually eliminate this voltage drop as well as voltage drop under pulse (or transient minimum voltage level). The final result is zero delay during the voltage response. These unique attributes enable TRR Series batteries to utilize available capacity more efficiently, especially in extremely hot or cold temperatures, thus extending battery operating life by up to 15 percent in certain applications. Key product features include:

  • Virtually no voltage or power delay
  • High capacity and high energy density (small, lightweight and powerful)
  • Handles higher current pulses, reducing the size of capacitors or eliminating the need for capacitors in certain applications
  • Enables smaller batteries to be used in certain applications
  • Permits faster discharge (allows significantly quicker lifetime testing)
  • Very low self-discharge (enables operating life of 20+ years)
  • Improves performance and increases operating life up to 15 percent in certain conditions
  • Ideal for use at extremely high and low temperatures (-55?C to 85?C)

TRR battery technology will be available in all standard sizes of cylindrical cells, with new series nomenclatures, TL-79XX & TL-89XX.

In addition to TRR Series batteries, Tadiran manufactures a complete line of lithium thionyl chloride batteries, including a variety of primary cylindrical batteries, coin-sized cells, battery packs and PulsesPlus batteries for high current pulse applications. Tadiran products are available in a variety of terminations and assemblies.

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