Spreading the Word about WATERiD Sustainability

The value and necessity of the WATERiD Knowledge Database was further evidenced at the joint UIM and WATERiD Conference at Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington, Virginia last November. Many leading industry professionals expressed their enthusiasm and support for the project, including those from utilities, consultants, technology providers and the financial sector. As understanding grows, these individuals are actively pursuing organizational membership to fully utilize the inestimable value of this inherently powerful tool.

Organizations securing membership before January 31, 2013 will be designated as Founding Members and perpetually recognized on the WATERiD National Database Website. There is only a little time left to obtain this designation, so interested parties should act immediately. Please don?t miss this excellent opportunity to join your peers and competitors in leveraging this powerful tool in your water industry efforts.

The Virginia Tech SWIM Center feels that your organization deserves to enjoy the same benefits of access to crucial water and wastewater infrastructure asset management information, including, but not limited to:

  • Early insights regarding how to better address water utility asset management and standard data structure needs through your products, services and practices.
  • As a WATERiD member, your Company Hub Page will prominently showcase your products and/or services within the comprehensive directory of technology suppliers, consultants, and contractors to water utilities and stakeholders around the world.
  • Further establishing your commitment to drinking water and wastewater utility needs and to the broader water infrastructure industry.
  • Your membership contributions will be utilized in the sustainability of WATERiD and WATERiD+. Membership funds will frequently be leveraged as matching funds when SWIM Center resources are used for additional research projects targeted to the benefit of the water infrastructure industry.
  • Association with a nationally and internationally recognized University Research Center, including the Opportunity to interact with students in the SWIM Center for Outreach and Recruitment.

Please contact Dr. Sunil Sinha at Virginia Tech for more information at ssinha@vt.edu or by phone: (540) 231-9420; fax: (540) 231-7532

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