SmartCover Systems introduces new security solution

SmartCover Systems has announced UnderCover 2 making use of advanced micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology for intrusion detection and unauthorized opening of sewer manholes to combat illegal dumping, vandalism, and other security issues.  MEMS technology improves the robustness of entry detection and expands the configurability of the systems at remote and hard-to-access locations for utilities, communications, nuclear facilities, border security, transportation infrastructure, military installations and others.

UnderCover 2 is now an integrated function within all of SmartCover’s remote monitoring units, including leveraging robust Iridium® satellite communications impervious to local power or cellphone outages.

“The release of our patented UnderCover 2, has both improved the robustness of intrusion monitoring and greatly expanded configurability to address a widening range of applications,” said Greg Quist, CEO of SmartCover. “Essentially, UnderCover 2 represents a ‘true security solution’ that leverages all of SmartCover’s proven remote monitoring infrastructure to virtually any requirement for detecting unauthorized entry at remote locations.”

About SmartCover Systems

SmartCover Systems provides sewer collection systems asset management solutions through Real Time Condition Assessment™. Utilizing a wide array of applications designed to capture remote data, software and analytics enable informed, actionable decisions resulting in prioritized capital projects. This process lowers operating and capital costs while concurrently enabling improved performance. SmartCover Systems is dedicated to enabling customers to meet mandated goals; providing solutions resulting in superior operational efficiencies; creating new insights resulting in better utilization of capital; protecting the environment and public health; and providing continuous improvement in the delivery of customer-centric services and solutions.

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