Water Innovation of Month: Smart Water Evolution — Badger Meter Enables Confidence in Operations with BlueEdge™ 

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Badger Meter is a water technology innovator with more than a century of experience serving municipal, commercial and industrial customers worldwide. Since introducing the first frost-proof water meter in 1905, the company has built upon this success and expanded its global network of manufacturing facilities, innovation centers, sales offices and warehouses to meet the changing needs of the water industry. Over time, the company’s solutions have grown to include water quality monitoring, pressure monitoring and analytics software — moving beyond the meter and driving further innovation.  

BlueEdge™ is the complete Badger Meter portfolio in action: a transformative suite of solutions designed to drive visibility and optimization of assets. BlueEdge is a scalable, customizable offering of water technology, software and services that provides actionable data for proactive decision-making. 

“We’re proud to drive innovation in the water sector with solutions that empower customers to effectively manage water resources now and for generations to come. By combining our expertise in flow monitoring technology with advanced software solutions, BlueEdge meets the evolving needs of modern water management practices,” said Ken Bockhorst, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Badger Meter. 

Key features of BlueEdge include:  

  • Measurement & Control: Precise measurement tools and advanced control capabilities ensure accurate monitoring of water use, so users can effectively manage resources and reduce non-revenue water loss.  
  • Connectivity & Communication: Badger Meter has a decade of expertise in cellular AMI, with millions of devices deployed across the globe. Cellular endpoints enable two-way communication to put data where and when you need it. Seamless integration with IoT devices and advanced communication protocols facilitate real-time data collection and transmission.  
  • Insights & Action: Powerful analytics and visualization tools provide data that empowers and enriches operations. Usage patterns, asset performance and system health information are accessible anywhere in the field or office to drive continuous improvement and response. 
  • Collaboration & Support: Our global water-focused team offers expertise, training and support. 

“BlueEdge is more than a suite of products. It’s a comprehensive, solution-driven approach to water management that drives innovation and sustainability, backed by water industry experts,” said Matt Stuyvenberg, Vice President of Software and Water Quality at Badger Meter. “Our unique approach delivers instant access to interval data, performance analytics and alerts, layered on top of related system information to inform and improve response times.” 

With BlueEdge, achieving excellence in water management is possible. Among the common challenges BlueEdge can solve are: 

Distribution Network Monitoring 

Our products, software and services enable proactive resource management and early detection of incidents. BlueEdge offers tools to decrease water loss and improve customer confidence while keeping an eye on your bottom line. 

For example, flow meters deliver robust usage data in near real-time. When viewed alongside pressure and temperature data, even greater value is unlocked.  

Environmental Monitoring  

Designed to protect the quality of source water and limit pollution events, sensors are deployable throughout the network to measure a variety of parameters, collect baseline data and deliver a deeper understanding of trends.  

Drinking Water Treatment 

Meet regulatory requirements, protect treatment assets and optimize treatment processes through predictive analytics. 

Customer Water Usage 

Accurate and reliable solutions generate revenue, conserve water and improve customer service. As consumption history builds, customers can use trending patterns to forecast budgets and plan for equipment upgrades.  

Badger Meter

Expertly crafted and tailorable to your needs, BlueEdge from Badger Meter is deployable at every point along your smart water journey. Solutions for wastewater, HVAC, industrial process and property operations are also available.  

Badger Meter knows smart water. Together, we can protect the world’s most precious resource.  

Learn more at badgermeter.com/smartwaterinnovation

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