Sinicropi to lead WateReuse Association


The WateReuse Association has named Patricia Sinicropi as its new executive director effective Sept. 5.

Sinicropi, who previously served as the senior legislative director for the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), has extensive experience in federal advocacy with both Congress and federal agencies. She brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in advancing the legislative, regulatory and funding priorities of wastewater utilities and related businesses.

WateReuse is the national trade association dedicated solely to advancing water recycling.

“WateReuse has had tremendous success in increasing the use and acceptance of recycled water through our strong advocacy and education programs,” said WateReuse President Guy Carpenter of Carollo Engineers. “Pat is the right person at the right time to lead our Action Agenda.”

Sinicropi replaces Melissa L. Meeker, who serves as chief executive office of the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF), a research and education organization that collaborates closely with WateReuse.

WateReuse is the go-to organization for policy on water reuse among elected officials and policymakers in every level of government. The Association advocates for state and federal laws, policies and funding to advance the safe, reliable production and distribution of recycled water. Recent successful lobbying efforts include:

  • The 2016 Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act modernized Title XVI into a merit-based competitive grant program, which will ensure best projects receive funding. The Reclamation Projects Authorization and Adjustment Act of 1992, more commonly referred to as Title XVI, is the only federal program that provides funding specifically for water reuse projects in 17 western states and Hawaii. In 2014 alone, an estimated 123 billion gallons of water was recycled.
  • Congress appropriated $30 million for the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA), which provides tax-free municipal bonds and low-interest loans for up to 49% of the cost of construction for water, wastewater, stormwater and water reuse projects. This funding is the first appropriation for projects under WIFIA which was passed in 2014.

The WateReuse agenda for the coming year includes water reuse infrastructure funding, investment tax credits for industrial reuse, potable reuse permitting, a national priorities research program, as well as providing resources that guide utilities in outreach to legislators, regulators, ratepayers, and other stakeholders.

WateReuse is the only national trade association dedicated solely to advancing laws, regulations, funding and public acceptance for water recycling. Our members include national leaders who are achieving water resiliency through policy, projects, innovation, education and knowledge sharing.

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