Singapore to Partner with Echologics for Pipe Condition Assessment

Echologics will help PUB, Singapore?s national water agency, to assess the condition of its water transmission mains with Echologics? acoustic pipe condition assessment service.

PUB is a statutory board under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources and manages Singapore?s water supply, water catchment and used water in an integrated way. Echologics was selected as its technology was able to meet PUB?s requirements to assess the condition of some of the older transmission mains in its service area and provide information which can be used as part of its ongoing asset management strategy.

Echologics will acoustically survey approximately 1.6 km of cast iron and steel water transmission mains (which range from 500mm-800mm in diameter) in the PUB?s service area to non-invasively detect leaks and measure the mains? effective wall thickness. By obtaining these measurements non-invasively, Echologics can help PUB to obtain further information to help develop future rehabilitation programs for some of its key assets.

Transmission main leak detection from Echologics is unique in that it can non-invasively detect and pinpoint leaks over considerable distances without disrupting water service or requiring specialized ports, closure of service laterals or flow alterations.

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