RJN Group Inc. began a year-long study for the City of Burlington (Iowa) in August. The evaluation and study will be conducted on the Cascade (Mississippi River Interceptor) Sewer Basin. The objective of the study is to complete a collection system evaluation to support the city as it prepares an action/construction plan for the elimination of the combined sewer overflows (CSO) in the basin.

RJN will be responsible for conducting manhole inspections, smoke testing, flow monitoring, CCTV inspections and GPS survey and system mapping. The information collected from the inspections, tests and surveys will then be used to create a hydraulic model of the existing system and ultimately used to support new design.

The study will be completed in May of 2011, and the final report will provide the city with detailed collection system information and recommendations. The final report will also address rehabilitation of the existing combined sewers, including prioritized rehabilitation/repair recommendations for manhole structures and the line segments. The study area includes 440 manholes and approximately 120,000 feet of collection system piping.

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