RJN Group Addresses I/I Issues in Falls Church, Va.

After a particularly heavy rainfall event in the fall of 2011, basement back-ups occurred and residents of the City of Falls Church, Va. began to voice concern. The city decided to be proactive in identifying the problem areas.? Earlier this spring, RJN Group, Inc. (RJN) began work on a Phase 2 area flow monitoring project in the city.

RJN is conducting the flow meter site selection, installation, monitoring, analysis and recommendations at four locations. Peak flow analysis will also be performance on those same sites. RJN will evaluate the flow from adjacent billing meters as well.

In providing these services, RJN is assisting with the identification of inflow and infiltration (I/I), which results in basement back-ups during extreme wet weather periods. A previous I/I study conducted by a difference consultant failed to locate significant sources of I/I.

For more information on RJN?s locations and services please visit www.rjn.com.

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