Revolutionizing Water Management in Your Community

Partner with Flume Utility & Business Solutions to help your customers manage, control, and save water. We offer water agencies a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to revolutionize how they manage water resources for their communities.

Revolutionizing Water Management in Your Community

Help your customers help themselves

The revolutionary Flume Water Monitor empowers your customers to save water while improving your customer experience and satisfaction. With real-time water use delivered to the Flume mobile app, customer can:

  • Stop leaks immediately with 24/7 leak alerts
  • Monitor and conserve water use
  • See their water use separated by household fixtures and appliances

Once installed, users decrease their water use by up to 14.6% on average. Help your residents manage water, reduce customer call volume, and improve customer satisfaction with the Flume Water Monitor.

In-depth Analytics of Water Use in Your Community

Flume Utility & Business Solutions can provide you with granular insights into water use in your community, delivering you the most advanced understanding of residential water use in existence. We provide an in-depth analysis of:

  • Indoor vs. outdoor water use
  • Water fixture-level data
  • Seasonal trends in residential water use
  • Real-time leak alerts and more

With this data, you’ll be able to assess the efficacy of your conservation programs and plan for current and future legislative requirements.

Ready to transform water management in your community? Reduce residential water use, improve customer satisfaction, and gain invaluable water use analytics with Flume Utility & Business Solutions.

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