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Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (ADS) next generation of pipe called N-12 HP (High Performance) is available in diameters from 12 to 60 inches and features triple-wall construction.

The pipe?s smooth exterior wall design is supported by a corrugated structural core that provides improved stiffness and greater beam strength to minimize deflection. The pipe provides enhanced job site durability and easier backfill installation.

The ADS N-12 HP?s smooth interior wall incorporates a dual-banded, extended bell and a spigot with two gaskets for added safety. The pipe comes in standard lengths of 13 feet and 20 feet. The 20-foot length allows for fewer joints, while the 13-foot length is a lightweight, maneuverable choice for trench box installation and tight work situations.

Can Clay Corp.

Can Clay Corp. adds TuffGuard protection to its clay pipe in sizes 15 inches through 36 inches. Resin-treated fiberglass applied after vitrifcation at 2,000 degrees F? increases constructability compared to traditional VCP. Post-tensioned reinforcement significantly increases strength and allows higher joint pressure ratings of 17 psi (40 foot water head).

In addition, a NoLube gasket requires no field application of lubricant and saves the contractor a step. The lubricant inside the gasket reduces the risk of stones getting in the joint.

The combination of TuffGuard and NoLube advances the leadership of VCP in sustainable sanitary sewer materials, which already has a proven life cycle of over 150 years of service with no corrosion issues. These enhancements complement the unequaled longevity of VCP. The longest lasting sanitary sewer pipe can be installed with more confidence for the contractor, the engineer and the owner.


CertainTeed Certa-Lok C900/RJ PVC Pipe is the first non-metallic water and sewer piping system designed for use in directional drilling and other restrained joint applications. Certa-Lok requires no special heat-fusion equipment, saving contractors a significant amount of time and money. Its joints are assembled as the pullback continues, so streets remain open and clear. And compared to alternate thermoplastic materials, higher-strength PVC requires a much thinner wall in order to achieve the same pressure rating. Because of this, a smaller diameter of PVC pipe can often be used, creating real cost savings for the owner.

Gajeske Inc.

Gajeske Inc. is master distributor of HDPE pipe, valves, fittings, fabrications and McElroy fusion equipment for municipal water and wastewater applications. For more than 25 years, Gajeske has positioned itself at the forefront of the polyethylene industry providing services related to material takeoffs, fusion training, operator qualification, fusion machine rental, field welding and general troubleshooting.

Since the 1960s, polyethylene pipe has been used for municipal water applications due to its extreme ligh weight, flexibility, durability, corrosion resistance and 100 percent leak-free design. HDPE adapts to your surroundings and can bend to a radius of 25 times its diameter, meaning fewer 90-degree bends overall, lessening the chance for water hammer and virtually no chance for leaks.

HDPE can also be easily coupled to your existing PVC, ductile iron or cast iron waterline.

Hobas Pipe

Centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar Hobas pipe is inherently corrosion resistant and lasts 100 years or more, making it a favorite of public works officials who evaluate life-cycle costs.

As many municipalities expand or repair their infrastructures, Hobas pipe?s high strength-to-weight ratio, smooth surface and flush, push-together joints are ideal for sliplining. Its superior hydraulic characteristics provide maximum flow recovery. Smaller installation pits and longer pushes minimize surface disruption.

Although corrosion resistance is a major factor, engineers and contractors regularly select Hobas pipe for all its performance features: light weight, high strength, ease of installation, leak-free push together joints and adaptability to most installation methods including open cut, sliplining, jacking, microtunneling, two-pass tunnel, casing carrier and above ground.

After more than 45 years of reliable service, the use of Hobas pipe is expanding faster than ever. Non-pressure and pressure classes are manufactured in diameters from 18 to 110 inches.


iNTERpipe manufactures reinforced polymer concrete products for sanitary sewer construction. Polymer concrete is corrosion resistant and offers higher strengths than other conventional pipe materials. The product is ideally suited for both deep fills in open-cut installations and unmatched for jacking operations in trenchless applications.

For an entirely corrosion-resistant system, iNTERpipe offers a full complement of manhole structures, tunnel segments, special structures, etc.

Through affiliates, iNTERpipe products are now available in several regional locations in the United States as well as Belgium, Canada, Mexico, China and Australia.

Logan Clay

The vitrified clay pipe manufactured today by Logan Clay capitalizes on the benefits derived from 3,000 years of using clay as the preferred sanitary sewer pipe product. Logan Clay pipe also capitalizes on advances in ceramic engineering and technology to produce the most durable sanitary sewer pipe you can specify or install. It resists corrosion from more types of aggressive chemicals than any other pipe material, provides structure in the trench, is environmentally friendly and delivers the longest life cycle of any pipe product available today.


The Snap-Tite high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) culvert lining system is a safe and permanent solution for repairing failing culverts. Using solid wall HDPE, a Snap-Tite system actually outperforms the pipe it replaces.

Snap-Tite?s patented male/female machining at each end of the HDPE allows it to be snapped together, piece-by-piece, and pushed into the full length of the existing pipe. It is available in lengths from 2 to 50 feet long, and is available for culverts with diameters from 8 to 84 inches. The Snap-Tite joint makes a solid mechanical connection that can be pushed or pulled.

Additional benefits of Snap-Tite include: meets AASHTO Standard M326 for rehabilitating culverts; flexibility to insert into misaligned concrete or rusted partially collapsed corrugated metal pipe; and tough but thin sidewall to give the highest flows possible after lining.

Underground Solutions

Underground Solutions Inc. (UGSI) provides infrastructure technologies for water and wastewater applications. UGSI?s Fusible PVC products, including Fusible C-900, Fusible C-905 and FPVC, contain a proprietary PVC formulation that, when combined with UGSI?s patented fusion process, results in a monolithic, fully-restrained, gasket-free, leak-free piping system. ?

Fusible C-900, Fusible C-905 and Fusible PVC are NSF-61 certified and cover a full range of piping diameters from 4 inch to 36 inch (with larger sizes in development) and provide the only available method of installing a continuous, monolithic, gasket-free PVC pipe capable of being used in numerous trenchless or conventional open-cut applications including: horizontal directional drilling, sliplining, pipe bursting and direct bury.

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