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IDModeling, Inc. (IDM) has announced the commercial release of Sedaru?? (See Data Run), software developed by water industry professionals to transform connectivity and communication in the industry and empower people as ?the true smart water network.?

Sedaru?? connects water professionals to empower communication, anticipate water operations, understand impacts, and solve problems across the water utility: management, engineering, operations and water quality, maintenance and customer service. With Sedaru?? , analyzed data is shared in real-time for more proactive decision making.?

Engineered for simple startup and scalability, Sedaru?? connects people and data easily with touchscreen tile-bars that configure to any user within minutes. In the office or in the field, it works with everyday mobile devices ? laptops, tablets and smart phones ? and provides tools to the water industry that have only been available in commercial businesses until now.

Using Sedaru?? , water utility departments can apply institutional knowledge with shared, analyzed data. Management can monitor key performance indicators and communicate from their tablets or smart phones. Engineers can anticipate events to coordinate prioritized action for operations and CIP.? Operations and maintenance can use real-time and predictive alerts, with GIS mapping to address water quality, energy and emergency events, to and from the field. Customer service can also communicate with field activity to provide informed answers to customers.

?Information is more powerful when it?s relevant, shared and acted on,? said IDModeling founder, president and CEO Paul Hauffen. ?At IDModeling, we?ve worked in the water industry for years, and we understand the challenges of accessing and applying current information. We?ve experienced firsthand, the need for water utilities to share better data and communicate. That?s why we created Sedaru?? .?

In fact, the software was created for and refined by the direct input from water utilities, including the Indio Water Authority (IWA) in Indio, Calif. ?The Sedaru?? u software was created around Indio Water Authority?s need to operate in a connected environment,? said Brian Macy, IWA?s manager of engineering and environmental services. ?Currently used by our field maintenance, operations and engineering groups, we anticipate Sedaru? ?s deployment in other departments due to its advanced analytics, real-time alerts and ability to easily configure.?

?This is just the beginning,? added Hauffen. ?Sedaru??? will yield new solutions to age-old problems in our industry with a new approach to connectivity, with communication between people and departments. Sedaru??? will promote efficiencies, open doors for enquiry and provide actionable answers. Innovation is our passion at IDM, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this industry opportunity.?

Founded in 1994, IDModeling, Inc. delivers tools to interact with water data in new and inspiring ways. Its team of water industry veterans has served hundreds of customers ? including some of the largest utilities in the U.S.

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