New MS4 Permitting Guide provides guidance, analysis on stormwater

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) has released a new resource that addresses the crucial intricacies of stormwater permitting: The MS4 Stormwater Permitting Guide. As MS4 permits become more complex with each iteration, the Guide will serve as a tool for utility and stormwater professionals either navigating the permitting process for the first time or the expert looking to answer advanced MS4-related questions.

Stormwater discharges from municipal drainage and conveyance systems — referred to as “municipal separate storm sewer systems,” or “MS4s,” — are regulated across the country through National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permits under the Clean Water Act. As infrastructure needs mount, many cities face significant challenges to reduce stormwater pollution, improve local water quality, and address cost concerns from ratepayers, while still meeting the everyday stormwater management needs of their local communities.

Recent infrastructure packages proposed by the White House and Senate Democrats note the need for more investment in stormwater management practices, raising awareness nationwide for greater investment in stormwater infrastructure.

The MS4 Stormwater Permitting Guide is an easy-to-use digital document that can be referred to “as needs arise,” with quick-reference “call-out” boxes, as well as citations and resources to key regulatory and legal sources. The Guide tackles timely and relevant stormwater issues such as permit terms, the Maximum Extent Practical (MEP) standard versus water-quality standards, water quality trading in the context of stormwater, post-construction needs, and more!

For more information on stormwater permitting, related issues or the Guide, please contact Emily Remmel, NACWA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs. Download NACWA’s new MS4 Stormwater Permitting Guide today!

For nearly 50 years, NACWA has been the nation’s recognized leader in legislative, regulatory and legal advocacy on the full spectrum of clean water issues. NACWA represents public wastewater and stormwater agencies of all sizes nationwide. For more information, visit NACWA at

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