Neptune launches ultrasonic meter line for commercial, industrial use

Neptune Technology Group Inc. has announced the release of a complete line of MACH 10® ultrasonic water meters for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications. An extension of Neptune’s successful residential and intermediate MACH 10 meters used by water utilities across North America, these large meters will be available in sizes 3 inches to 12 inches.

Neptune’s C&I MACH 10 is designed for accuracy. With a dual path sensor design and no moving parts to wear down, accuracy is warranted over its entire operating range for the life of the meter.

The MACH 10 requires no maintenance, resulting in fewer truck rolls and saving time, money and labor. The lightweight meter is faster and safer to install versus comparable mechanical meters. It comes in industry-standard lay lengths and can be mounted in both horizontal and vertical applications. Further reducing a utility’s operating costs, the C&I MACH 10 comes with an easily replaceable, factory-calibrated unitized measuring element (UME), which enables replacing the meter electronics & ultrasonic transducers without removing the meter maincase from service.

“The MACH 10 is another example of our commitment to innovative solutions designed for the business of water.” said Neptune President and CEO Don Deemer. “We’re excited about the benefits this new line of meters brings to the marketplace. Using cutting-edge technology, the meter’s exceptional accuracy over the entire operating range maximizes utilities’ revenue while saving them time and operating expenses.”

Neptune is a technology company that has served water utilities across North America since 1892. The company manufactures measurement tools, networks, software and services designed for the business of water. For additional information, visit

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