Neptune Celebrates 15 Years of Lead-Free Metering

Since the conversion of its foundry to lead-free operations in 2001, Neptune Technology Group has produced nearly 32 million lead-free bronze alloy meters that have proven themselves in the field. For years, these lead-free meters have met NSF/ANSI 61, Annex F standards for lead performance, NSF 372 for lead content, and the most recent Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) regulations.

In an atmosphere of uncertainty, having a tried-and-true option is worth its weight in bronze — lead-free bronze. “In 2001, we made a significant investment to switch to lead free bronze,” said Neptune President Charles C. DiLaura. “After weighing all the social and environmental benefits, we believed that our decision was prudent; and the current environment has validated our position.”

In the case of Neptune’s meters, lead free also means worry free. The bronze alloy used to make the meters provides for a solid, durable, and reliable product. The bronze threads won’t cross-thread or break off from the body. The meter won’t rust. No special measures have to be taken to ground it for electrical safety. Installation is quick and painless. The meter is environmentally beneficial and there is residual value at the end of its life.

Being ahead of the curve on eliminating lead from its products is just one example of Neptune’s foresight. These types of efforts require a significant investment, but the investments are paying off for utilities’ bottom lines – financial, social, and environmental. Our customers know that by choosing Neptune’s lead free and field-tested meters and AMR/AMI migratable system technologies, they’re making a sound investment in solutions that will meet requirements now and years from now.

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