National Rural Water Association, WaterISAC announce collaboration

The National Rural Water Association (NRWA) and Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center (WaterISAC) recently announced a formal cybersecurity collaboration that the organizations said will focus on educating rural utilities across the country about cyber and physical security issues and how to bolster resilience efforts.   

“NRWA is dedicated to fully supporting our members in all aspects of providing safe and clean water to their communities,” said NRWA CEO Matt Holmes. “This partnership will bring even more resources to our smallest members, who often have the fewest resources to combat cyber and physical security threats.”

“WaterISAC is honored to work with an association the caliber of the NRWA to help its members enhance their cyber and physical security.  As we have seen in recent months, threat actors are attacking physically and especially via the internet, the operations of utilities of all kinds around the country,” added Tom Dobbins, Executive Director of WaterISAC. 

The partnership aims to benefit approximately 25,000 members of NRWA who service populations of 3,300 or fewer. “While NRWA currently provides cyber and physical security training to small water utilities, this collaboration will bring even more resources and expertise to our members,” said NRWA President John O’Connell.

John Sullivan, Chairman of the WaterISAC Board of Managers, added, “WaterISAC is pleased to be able to bring its wealth of information and resources to our nation’s smallest water utilities, as it has done for over 20 years for our largest utilities.” 

NRWA said eligible members will receive WaterISAC’s Security Resilience Update (SRU), a twice-weekly newsletter and the water sector’s most comprehensive information source on cyber and physical threats to its utilities. In addition, those members will also have access to WaterISAC’s monthly Threat Briefing webinars and its extensive Resource Center, in addition to access to WaterISAC’s H2OSecCon conferences at the member rate.

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