NACWA applauds utility aid in new relief package

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a pared-down version of the HEROES Act, the chamber’s previous COVID-19 relief package. The legislation contains $1.5 billion in aid to water and sewer utilities to help low-income ratepayers during the pandemic.

The new version of the HEROES bill stripped $1.2 trillion in total proposed relief funds. However, despite the considerably smaller total amount, the legislation still contained the aid to water and wastewater utilities included in the original bill.

“The passage by the House of Representatives of this legislation is continued proof that Congress is taking the needs of the public clean water sector seriously during this unprecedented and challenging time,” said Adam Krantz, NACWA’s CEO.

“NACWA appreciates congressional recognition of the extraordinary lengths public clean water agencies and their dedicated employees have gone to to provide clean water services and sanitation during the pandemic,” he added. “NACWA looks forward to additional work with legislators from both sides of the aisle to advance legislation that will allow public clean water utilities to continue providing clean, safe and reliable service, especially to low-income households most in need. This legislation is an important first step, but more federal relief for the water sector is needed.”

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