Moonshot Missions partners with MDE on peer-to-peer network

Moonshot Missions and the Maryland Department of the Environment have announced a partnership to build the Maryland Utility Peer to Peer Network which will provide supplemental technical assistance to water utilities in underserved communities in Maryland.

“As we talk with clean and safe water experts across the nation, we consistently hear how the impacts from COVID-19 and climate change are creating additional and sometimes overwhelming challenges to our utility brethren,” said Moonshot Mission’s founder and CEO George Hawkins. “We are humbled to be able to work with MDE to develop a peer-to-peer network to benefit underserved communities in Maryland.”

The MD-P2P will identify and bring together local, underserved utilities throughout the state and connect them with the Moonshot team. Moonshot Missions works with utility leaders, assisting them in identifying ways to optimize performance, significantly reduce costs, introduce new technologies and help to find ways to generate new income. Moonshot Missions will also reach out to utility leaders in Maryland to provide assistance to their colleagues and develop a platform to enable peer-to-peer interactions.

“The Maryland Department of the Environment shares Moonshot Missions’ goal to increase water sustainability, equity and affordability,” said MDE Secretary Ben Grumbles. “A person’s zip code should not determine the availability of clean and safe water, sewage-free basements, or healthy watersheds. MDE’s mission is to protect and restore the environment for the health and well-being of all Marylanders, and this Network has the potential to advance our work in a meaningful way.”

Moonshot Missions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit collective of trusted peer advisors devoted to partnering with utilities to identify, customize, fund and implement strategies that help deliver clean water, improve performance, and reduce costs, with a focus on underserved communities.  For more information or to schedule a consultation visit “Let’s Connect” on Follow Moonshot Missions on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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