Massive Texas Water Project Cleared to Apply for TWDB Funding

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) announced last month that the Integrated Pipeline Project (IPP), a nearly $2.3 billion project, has been approved to apply for $440 million by the state as part of water plan approved by voters in 2013.

Voters approved the funding amid concerns over how rapidly growing cities are going to meet future water needs.

Dallas Water Utilities seeks a $140 million loan and the Tarrant County Regional Water District $300 million for their proposed pipeline project from the state water board?s revolving bank. State water planners announced in May that the 150-mile Integrated Pipeline Project ranks in the top 20 for its first round of funding.

Customers in both districts would contribute about $820 million to the project, which is expected to be completed by 2035. Construction began last year on the pipeline, which would transport water from Lake Palestine, Cedar Creek Reservoir and Richland Chambers to Tarrant Regional and Dallas customers.

Supporters say the project is needed to supply the booming Dallas-Fort Worth area. But the pipeline has also drawn the ire of some of the 900 owners whose land is along the project?s path, according to news reports.

The Texas Water Development Board has put on the priority list about $4.4 billion in water projects expected to be financed over the next decade. Being named on the priority list is an invitation for those projects to submit a formal application.

A spokesman said the board is expected to begin cutting checks for projects this fall. The board will finance $1.7 billion this year for immediate projects. The remaining $2.7 billion for water projects around the state is expected to be financed in the next decade, the spokesman said.

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