Itron, Manas Reduce Non-Revenue Water for Regional Utility in Turkey

Itron, Inc. and Manas, Inc. announced recently they were awarded a contract to supply and deliver a comprehensive water solution to Kocaeli Water and Sewage Administration (ISU). ISU, a regional water utility in Turkey, purchased Itron?s commercial and industrial (C&I) water meters, advanced data collection system and software, together with Itron?s consulting and support services. Manas, a distributor of Itron smart metering products, is providing integration, installation and training services. With installation underway, the utility intends to have the system fully deployed by May 2013.

Itron?s unique infrastructure audit and ongoing system monitoring expertise will aid in reducing non-revenue water, which is clean, treated water that is lost in the distribution system and not accounted for in the billing process.

ISU?s water management goals encompass all 600,000 end customers. However, a specific program has been initiated that focuses on the top 1,000 C&I customers, which represent the largest consumers of water in its service territory. Itron?s technology will monitor the C&I accounts? usage in real-time, which will be critical to capturing anomalies and quickly correcting problems, thereby saving costs and conserving water supply. It will also ensure that key customers have access to their detailed consumption online.

?It?s an honor to work with ISU on such a significant water resource management project,? said
Mathias Martin, vice president of business development of Itron?s Water Group. ?By implementing innovative technologies, ISU is leading the way for network optimization and water loss reduction for the whole region.?

?We?ve decided to launch an ambitious non-revenue water program to analyze, identify and reduce water losses,? added Ilhan Bayram, general manager of ISU. We?re confident that this initiative will result in huge cost savings. We?re pleased to collaborate with Itron and Manas for the supply of an end-to-end solution focused on large customers.?

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