IBI Group launches real-time energy management solution for water

IBI Group, a global design and technology firm, recently announced the launch of BlueIQ, an intelligent, real-time software solution that uses predictive analytics to determine the most cost effective and energy efficient way for urban water utilities to operate their water distribution systems.

Unique to the water distribution market, BlueIQ benefits water utilities by conserving energy and reducing operating costs with an associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, while assuring the level of water quality and service to customers.

Water utilities have a mandate to provide a required level of service in delivering water to customers. Doing so in the most cost-effective manner is a challenge as water distribution systems are major consumers of energy. BlueIQ addresses this challenge by optimizing pump and valve operations resulting in reduced energy consumption while providing the required level of service. This outcome is achieved through the application of predictive analytics which assist in the decision-making process with the provision of a real-time pump and valve operational plan. The realized cost savings can support innovative financing arrangements to cover implementation and system maintenance.

Implemented for Toronto Water in 2015 – the largest water utility in Canada and one of the largest in North America – IBI Group’s water optimization solution is currently saving the utility more than 10 percent in energy costs annually.

“This is a completely new technology package that provided a customized solution for Toronto. Combining all the real-time inputs, with an accurate calibrated hydraulic model, and generating a proven and effective advanced pump schedule has significantly reduced Toronto Water’s operating costs,” said Gary Thompson, Area Supervisor Process, Operations & Maintenance, Toronto Water.

BlueIQ also integrates with SCADA to assist in identifying the optimal pump and valve schedule in real time to reduce overall operational costs, according to IBI Group. Using various real-time input data feeds, BlueIQ is a system-wide, non-linear formulated solution with hybrid automation, optimizing quickly enough to be used immediately, while still giving the overseeing operator decision-making control.

BlueIQ is an exciting product which has been in development by our Intelligence team since 2012. The newest addition to our portfolio of Smart Cities software solutions, the BlueIQ product was originally developed for Toronto Water and has had a significant impact on their overall operations,” said Scott Stewart, IBI Group CEO. “As we continue to work with cities and municipalities around the world to support the adoption of smarter and more efficient infrastructure, we see the launch of BlueIQ as an important next step in the firm’s technology-driven future.”

BlueIQ by IBI Group is part of the firm’s new Strategic Plan, A Smarter Urban Future, released in May 2018, which maps out the firm’s transformation to a technology-driven design firm, future-proofing IBI Group through four, bold, strategic streams. This plan will help the firm unlock growth in its core business through the application of productivity tools and processes developed by the firm’s own technology group.


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