i2O launches new mobile app for Android

Smart water network solutions company i2O recently announced it has launched a new mobile application that will enable technicians to configure and view real time data from its data loggers using Android mobile phones and tablets.

The new application, which is now available to i2O clients, allows water utility technicians to apply settings using a standard mobile phone or tablet device instead of a laptop computer. This allows water companies to reduce costs, speed up deployment and increase convenience.

Real-time data can be viewed clearly on a mobile device enabling network issues to be identified quickly and easily.

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“We work tirelessly to improve the cost effectiveness of our solutions,” said Joel Hagan, CEO of i2O. “This app is another example of our innovativeness. A phone is cheaper, easier and quicker to use than a ruggedised laptop.”

i2O also announced it plans to introduce phone or tablet geolocation — automatic recording of the location of loggers using the phone or tablet’s GPS capability. This cost effectively assures the accuracy of recording a device’s location. The alternatives would be to either increase logger costs by having a GPS chip in each one but making use of it only once; or reliance on a manual process which is prone to human error and omission.

The app is part of i2O’s dNet solution for logging, visualisation and alarms. dNet enables water utilities to place accurate, reliable and affordable i2O loggers at points of interest in the network, configure them, and view and analyse data from its entire logger estate.

For more information, visit en.i2owater.com.


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