Hydromax USA acquires Miller Pipetech 

In March, Hydromax USA acquired Miller Pipetech, an environmental services company specializing in pipeline condition assessment for wastewater and natural gas utilities.

The acquisition of Miller Pipetech’s technical service division will enable Hydromax USA to increase its capacity to deliver on its high-demand, suite of service solutions for both critical gas cross bore identification and sewer condition infrastructure assessment programs. Throughout the country, cross bores continue to be a cause of concern as more and more stakeholders are addressing the problem and associated risks. Cross bores, unintended intersections of utilities, pose a threat to public safety and industry workers alike. All types of cross bores can cause damage, however the intersection of natural gas lines in sewer pipes are considered the highest threats. In addition, aging sewer infrastructure coupled with limited financial resources continues to further the need for utilities to understand the current state of buried sewer infrastructure in order to maximize their use of funds on rehabilitation.

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“The completion of this acquisition opens new opportunities for our clients, our employees and the communities in which we serve,” said Jeff Griffiths, Director, East Region for Hydromax USA. “We are very excited to begin to introduce our enhanced services to the Miller Pipetech client network and we look forward to a smooth transition as we add Miller Pipetech’s technical service assets and experienced personnel to our team.”

According to Hydromax, the acquisition will also strengthen the company’s footprint in the Eastern and Midwestern United States, enabling Hydromax to extend the capabilities of its state-of-the-art Louisville Data Center to current clientele of Miller Pipetech. Louisville’s data center provides end client solutions and support to our clientele nationwide, delivering unmatched project quality assurance through our 100% audit approach; key program and infrastructure insights through our web-based business intelligence platforms; management, analysis, and integration of terabytes of program information into client information systems; and technical support of our field operations nationwide.

Established in 2003, Hydromax USA is a professional services firm specializing in data collection in support of locating and assessing the condition of the country’s aging water, wastewater and natural gas conveyance systems. Hydromax USA’s vast experience with new technologies and techniques empowers contractors, engineers and utility owners to make the best rehabilitation decisions regarding their buried infrastructure.

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Hydromax USA has performed infrastructure condition assessment programs that have evaluated hundreds of thousands of infrastructure assets, helped clients recover millions of gallons in lost water, and provided information management services for improvement of system models and development of GIS integrated solutions for utilities across the United States.

Miller Pipetech, together with its predecessors, is an environmental services company specializing in pipeline assessment and repair for utilities and service contractors for over 30 years. The company is a fusion of plumbing services and technical services, which are identified respectively as Miller Pipetech Plumbing Service Division and Miller Pipetech Technical Service Division. The Miller Pipetech Plumbing Service Division is not part of the acquisition and will remain in operation doing business as Ron Miller Plumbing, LLC.

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