Hawkins to step down as DC Water CEO

Hawkins first joined DC Water in 2009.

The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) has announced that CEO and General Manager George S. Hawkins will step down from his current role as of Dec. 29.

Hawkins, 57, joined DC Water in 2009. His departure from DC Water will cap a 20-year career as a chief executive of nonprofits and government agencies.

In the next phase of his career, Hawkins will begin work on a book about transformational leadership in the water sector, assume a role as an adviser to DC Water’s Blue Drop nonprofit affiliate and continue to serve on the National Infrastructure Advisory Council and on several boards, including the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the US Water Alliance.

Hawkins released the following statement:

“This job has been the privilege of a lifetime. I haven’t dug a single trench, turned a single valve or processed a single payment. But I’ve been fortunate to come to work every day with 1,100 men and women who are among the world’s best at what they do. For their work at my side, providing something so essential — indeed, the stuff of life itself — I will always be grateful almost beyond measure to Team Blue.

“I am stepping back from a day-to-day role at a water utility, but I’m as committed as ever to the future of the water sector. I will continue to coach future leaders and provide guidance to fellow executives who want to do as we did at DC Water: connect with customers, build a world-class team, drive a relentless focus on innovation, and achieve the financial security to upgrade infrastructure for future generations.”

“George Hawkins has given extraordinary service to the people of the District of Columbia and the entire region,” said Nicholas Majett, Vice Chair of the DC Water Board of Directors and Prince George’s County Chief Administrative Officer. “The Board is grateful for George’s eight years of leadership and looks forward to an orderly transition during his remaining months at DC Water.”

DC Water has not yet named a successor for Hawkins. The utility tweeted the following upon making the announcement:

DC Water provides drinking water delivery and wastewater collection and treatment for the District of Columbia, and treats wastewater for millions in several Maryland and Virginia suburbs. The Authority operates the world’s largest advanced wastewater treatment plant at Blue Plains.

Under Hawkins’ leadership, DC Water has launched a vast 10-year program to improve aging infrastructure and comply with ever more stringent regulatory requirements. DC Water is designing and implementing three massive environmental projects that total in excess of $4 billion.

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