Grevatt named CEO of Water Research Foundation


AWWA leaders in December congratulated Dr. Peter Grevatt on his new position as chief executive officer of the Water Research Foundation, praising him as a trusted partner in the water sector.

Grevatt, who most recently served as Director of the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will begin his new role in February 2019. In a letter from AWWA President David Rager and CEO David LaFrance, AWWA commended Grevatt on his 30 years of service to EPA and his commitment to science-based water policy that protects public health.

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“Through our many face-to-face and written interactions, you have always demonstrated a strong commitment to science-based water policy that protects public health,” the letter stated. “Your willingness to listen attentively to the unique perspectives of many stakeholders – public health professionals, researchers, environmental advocates, water utility engineers – is an extraordinary example of strong leadership and a benefit to all who value safe, affordable water. Your experience at EPA will be invaluable to WRF as it produces ground-breaking water research in the years ahead.”

WRF was established by AWWA in 1966 and has since developed into an independent, leading research cooperative. In January 2018, the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and the Water Research Foundation integrated to become the world’s leading water research organization.

“The Foundation’s ongoing success as an independent, leading research cooperative is a tremendous source of pride for the Association,” the letter stated. “We look forward to collaborating with you on future research projects and providing many opportunities to share the Foundation’s important reports with our members.”

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