Connecticut Water Utility Uses Sedaru to Optimize System Operations

IDModeling, Inc., a provider of smart water software and services, has been chosen to deploy its Sedaru to the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA).

Sedaru is a real-time analytics platform to connect organizational data, systems and users across the water/wastewater enterprise, and creates and distributes hydraulic, asset and operational intelligence. This allows utilities to anticipate operations, understand impacts and solve problems for outage, energy, quality, water resource and asset management initiatives.

The RWA delivers approximately 45 MGD to a population of 430,000 in more than a dozen Connecticut cities and towns. As one of the largest water utilities in Connecticut, and an industry leader in water innovation, the RWA recognized the importance of optimizing its water operations, and desired a tool to empower water system operators with the ability to predict hydraulic and financial impacts of their decisions prior to implementing them. The RWA looked to CDM Smith as their adviser to specify the solution criteria, identify vendors, and perform a software evaluation to consider technology, approach, company, and overall alignment with the RWA?s goals and product usability.

Requirements for the water system optimization solution included, and were not limited to:?

  • Ability to interact with, and apply real-time data from SCADA and other telemetry, to display alarms and notifications within an operator-friendly user interface,
  • A water system forecasting model that accepted and simulated the RWA?s standard operating procedures (SOPs), allowing operators to easily understand the impacts of their SOPs prior to implementing SCADA control,
  • Demonstrated ability to apply pump efficiencies and energy cost calculations under varying operating conditions, driven by both real-time and modeled data, and
  • Operator ease-of-use and their willingness to embrace the solution.

With these objectives, the RWA & CDM Smith completed a comprehensive due diligence process, and selected Sedaru as the water system optimization solution for RWA.? Sedaru?s real-time smart water operating platform applies real-time SCADA, predictive analytics, and interactive operator experience to deliver operational awareness, resulting in better system management and reduced operating costs. These insights are presented intuitively to empower utility staff with foresight; calculating system power and energy spend based on existing or new SOPs.

?Sedaru?s practical, utility-focused approach was a key factor in our selection,? said Tony Delvecchio, RWA?s Distribution & Operations Director. ?The Sedaru software is intuitive enough for our operators, and powerful enough to help improve our bottom line.?

?We?re thankful to the RWA and CDM Smith for recognizing Sedaru?s ability to leverage real-time data for their water network,? said Paul Hauffen, IDModeling?s CEO. ?We’re excited to apply Sedaru?s predictive analytics to the RWA?s system to validate energy and cost savings.?

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