CONDITION ASSESSMENT: InfraMetrix Introduces BEM No-Dig Diagnostic Service for Assessing Pipeline Condition

InfraMetrix LLC announced a new buried infrastructure diagnostic service that utilizes broadband electromagnetic (BEM) eddy current technology. InfraMetrix is the only U.S. firm licensed to offer BEM for water, sewer and gas utilities. BEM will identify evidence of ferrous pipeline wall loss or other structural defects without digging, enabling fast remedial action.

BEM, which was first developed in Australia, is a technology that can be used internally or externally, and will provide an accurate profile of the pipe wall and detect metal loss down to 1/25th of an inch. BEM produces wall thickness contour maps that illustrate remaining wall thickness at surveyed sections. Estimates of annual rate of wall thickness loss and remaining useful life are easily determined with BEM data.

BEM offers two major advantages over other pipeline inspection technologies. First, unlike ultrasonic and
magnetic flux leakage testing, BEM is truly a non-invasive technology. It does not require direct contact with the metal, and can determine the thickness of the surveyed pipeline through coatings and linings without their removal. Second, pipes can be inspected without disrupting service.

Commented Bill DiTullio, President of InfraMetrix: ?The rate of deterioration of buried ferrous water, sewer and gas pressure pipelines is not solely a function of age and material rather the cumulative effect of the environment that surrounds these assets. As a result, desktop studies alone are insufficient for making capital expenditure decisions. At the opposite end of the spectrum, it is not practical or even necessary to perform an internal inspection of the entire network to locate where the greatest risk of failure exists. I believe that BEM provides the most cost-effective solution for planning capital investments, especially when capital resources are limited. BEM provides a quick and cost-effective assessment of the risk of failure of buried metal pipelines, a program of desktop investigations and makes the best use of funds for assessing the risk of failure and threat to public health and safety.?

InfraMetrix has already been awarded BEM survey contracts in Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Ecuador. The company will provide BEM services to clients throughout the Americas.

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