Company launches new lead pipe inventory solution

lead pipe

120Water recently announced the launch of an inventory management solution, an expanded offering that the company says will help water systems build and validate their lead service line inventories – a foundational requirement for accessing pending federal infrastructure dollars and complying with new Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR).

LCRR requires all public water systems to submit an inventory documenting service line materials for both the private and public side. Although public health threats from lead exposure are well established, millions of lead service lines remain in use due to poor records. With billions of dollars in federal water infrastructure funding being debated in Congress, the need for validated lead service line inventories is even more urgent for systems seeking federal support. 

“Only with validated records that clearly identify and document service lines, can water systems finally make the strategic investments that will make lead in our drinking water a public health concern of the past,” said Megan Glover, co-founder and chief executive officer of 120Water. “In water systems nationwide, service line recordkeeping is inconsistent at best, which leaves most systems unable to articulate and document the scope of funding and resource needs for service line replacement and without the systems in place to meet LCRR expectations.”

“From our experience running LCR and Lead in School programs for almost 200 customers across 26 states, we can help systems overcome these barriers to find and document the materials used in existing service lines, determine the prevalence of lead in underserved neighborhoods, and manage the inventory and sampling programs for schools and daycares. These are essential elements of LCRR compliance, but now there’s also funding to support these efforts thanks to bipartisan federal legislation.”

More than $35 billion in water and wastewater infrastructure investments are pending through the recently approved Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act of 2021, and tens of billions of additional federal resources have been proposed as part of President Joe Biden’s declared goal of replacing every lead service line in America — though funding will likely be prioritized to systems that have established a full or partial inventory.

120Water says its comprehensive Inventory Management Solution helps utilities address these inventory requirements through a combination of proprietary software and in-house consulting services. The company partners with public water systems to develop a preliminary inventory by identifying, analyzing, and digitizing existing inventory data, using machine learning technology to predict the probability of lead in service lines of unknown material type, and providing the programs and resources needed for water systems to efficiently and effectively validate those predictions, eliminating unnecessary costs from traditionally manual efforts.

To help systems achieve LCRR compliance, 120Water’s software also enables data to be shared with existing tools, such as GIS, and incorporates a Public Transparency Dashboard, which allows systems to communicate known service line information to both state primacy agencies and their customers.

“Our goal is to make a complex compliance task far more manageable, while equipping our customers to secure funding to support lead service line replacement that will protect public health for the long term,” said Glover. “We look forward to collaborating with water professionals across the nation and providing the tools and resources necessary to ensure we’re truly able to find and replace every lead service line nationwide.”

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