Belgian company acquires leak detection provider Aquarius Spectrum

Fluid management solutions provider Aliaxis SA has announced the acquisition of Israel-based Aquarius Spectrum, a provider of advanced acoustic water leak detection and pipe condition assessment solutions for water infrastructure. Aquarius Spectrum will become part of Aliaxis Next, Aliaxis’ newly created division which develops adjacent businesses in the field of water management and preservation.

The revenues of Aquarius Spectrum are under €5 million a year, with a strong growth potential. The financial details of the acquisition will not be disclosed.

“Water is central to who we are at Aliaxis,” said Eric Olsen, CEO of Aliaxis, headquartered in Belgium. “Our pipes and fittings systems help preserve and supply water. We know that due to aging water infrastructure, 35 percent of transported water in the world is lost through hidden leakages that remain impossible to repair. Aquarius Spectrum’s state-of-the-art technology significantly reduces water losses and proactively monitors for future leakages in both new and aging infrastructure. The acquisition of Aquarius Spectrum is a major step in driving our ambition to create the next generation of solutions with real societal impact.”

With the acquisition, Aliaxis says it will further strengthen its solutions base to tackle the world’s major water-related challenges such as sustainable water management, resilient water infrastructure, access to water, and water for food.

Aquarius Spectrum, an Israel-based technology company, has developed systems that proactively monitor water distribution networks. Across the world, Aquarius Spectrum sells leak detection technology that leverages acoustic sensors and sophisticated analysis engines to detect water leaks and pinpoint their exact location. According to the company, to date, Aquarius Spectrum technology has saved close to 8 billion liters of water, the equivalent of 3,200 Olympic swimming pools.

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