ASTERRA to host Vessel, first U.S. leak-finding dog, at WEFTEC 

ASTERRA, a division of Utilis, is hosting a surprising new player in the leak detection game at WEFTEC 2021: a black retriever named Vessel, the first dog to be trained to detect water leaks in the United States. For her potable water-saving efforts, Vessel will be receiving well-deserved celebratory pats on the head as one of the new leaders in the water industry. Come meet Vessel on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at booth #4415 at 2 p.m. CT.

Vessel was living in an Arkansas shelter when she showed promise as a special service dog. After her rescue from the shelter, she was trained as a leak detection dog. According to ASTERRA, her accuracy is 90 percent in detecting leaks and she is now a full-time member of the Central Arkansas Water (CAW) leak detection team.

You can watch Vessel in action in this Facebook video here; but meeting her in person at the ASTERRA booth is sure to amplify the WEFTEC experience.

The CAW team is one of many water utilities that work with ASTERRA’s Recover technology to locate leaks in its water distribution system. Utilizing specialized RADAR signals from satellites, ASTERRA illuminates the areas of interest and collects the resulting reflected signals. These signals are analyzed and processed to identify specific indicators of wet soil saturated with potable water. The result is a map showing likely leak locations. 

Recover-directed leak detection performance at Central Arkansas Water is a “nine times” improvement over traditional detection methods in the number of leaks found per mile inspected, says ASTERRA. It is also three times better on the leaks-per-day metric, according to the company. Read more about Vessel’s role in saving potable water here

The first 50 visitors who meet Vessel at ASTERRA booth #4415 will receive a special commemorative portable dog water bowl. 

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The 94th WEFTEC will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, Oct. 16-20, 2021, and the exhibition runs from Oct. 18-20. 

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