American Water Scholarship Presented to Massachusetts Student

Dr. Mark LeChevallier, Joe Goodwill, and Charlie AndersonAmerican Water announced last month that Joe Goodwill, a doctoral student at the University of Massachusetts ? Amherst, has been chosen as the recipient of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) 2013 American Water Scholarship. The scholarship is an annual award of $5,000 presented to a graduate level student to assist with the development of professionals interested in service to the water industry.

Goodwill was selected for this scholarship due to his exceptional academic abilities, industrial experience and leadership to contribute to the advancement of science in the field of drinking water. His current research focuses on ferrate, which is a powerful form of iron that can function as an oxidant, coagulant and disinfectant when applied for water treatment. He is an advocate for public health both locally and globally with significant experience combating the global water crisis through international development.

?American Water is pleased to present this prestigious award to Joe, who was selected among 45 outstanding applicants,? said Dr. Mark LeChevallier, director of Innovation & Environmental Stewardship and member of the award selection committee. ?Not only is Joe an exceptional scholar, he is a dedicated engineer with leadership potential in the water industry and has a passion for learning and research. We are proud to help him advance his drinking water research studies.?

Goodwill received a bachelor?s in civil engineering from Lafayette College and a master?s in environmental engineering from the University of Massachusetts, where he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in civil engineering. Before returning to begin his Ph.D. studies, Goodwill did international volunteer work for Water For People, including an investigation of the performance of arsenic removal facilities in India. He has also traveled to Malawi for Water For People, a non-profit international development organization.

Administered by AWWA, American Water?s Scholarship is currently the only one offered by a water utility among the 15 active scholarships.?

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