American Water Awarded EPA?s WaterSense Excellence Award

American Water was recently named the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency?s (EPA) 2012 WaterSense Excellence Award winner. American Water earned the award for the company’s commitment to consumer education and environmental stewardship, specifically with the celebration of its 125th anniversary in 2011.

The nationwide campaign educated consumers about the value of water in our lives, and the importance of protecting water quality and supply from source to tap. A cornerstone of campaign was a series of public service announcements (PSAs), created in partnership with the EPA?s WaterSense program and the Student Conservation Association (SCA), to deliver practical tips to consumers about household water conservation.

The ?Save Water Today? PSA campaign and website (, were designed to provide valuable information and water saving tips from WaterSense, the SCA and American Water. The PSAs ran from March through December 2011 on 84 stations in 25 markets nationwide, airing more than 15,000 times at no cost as part of the stations? public service airtime requirements.

?We are honored and grateful to be named a recipient of a WaterSense Excellence Award for the second consecutive year,? American Water President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Sterba commented. ?It’s vitally important to our country’s future that water resources are used wisely, and American Water is committed to educating our customers about the value of water and the importance of water protection and efficiency. We look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with the EPA’s WaterSense program to help us in this effort.?

American Water also collaborates annually with the EPA’s ?Fix a Leak Week? initiative, and additionally, institutes a series of state-specific programs that includes water conservation audits, leak detection and even the installation of water-saving fixtures, or rebates on WaterSense labeled products.

In addition to Fix a Leak Week events, American Water works with customers on an ongoing basis to educate them about WaterSense products and services and how to use water wisely both inside and outside their homes and businesses.

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