ADVANCED METERING: Greenville (Miss.) Selects Mueller Systems

The City of Greenville, Miss., has selected Mueller Systems, a leading provider of innovative water infrastructure products and services and technologically advanced metering systems for water, electric and gas systems, to upgrade its water system with a state-of-the-art advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network and new water smart meters.

Mueller Systems will provide the Greenville with The Mi.Net Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities ? an advanced two-way AMI network ? as well as Mueller Systems? Hersey water meters for approximately 13,500 service connections. The municipally owned utility that provides water services to more than 36,000 people throughout Greenville was scheduled to begin installing the Mi.Net System and water meters in November 2011.

?The City of Greenville is always looking for new ways to strengthen its water system, especially when it comes to improving conservation, customer service and operational efficiency,? said Lorenzo Anderson, City Engineer for The City of Greenville. ?Upgrading our service connections with smart meters and linking them together with the Mi.Net System will help us to better meet each of these objectives by reducing water loss, helping our customers to better understand their water usage behavior and how their water consumption affects their bills, and reducing operational costs.?

The Mi.Net System enables utilities to improve operational efficiencies and customer service by fully automating the meter reading-to-billing process and linking meters, distribution sites and control devices in a single data network. Benefits provided by the Mi.Net System include on-demand meter readings, e-mail alerts and alarms based upon near real-time information as well as the ability for utilities to better manage their water and electric resources through on-going access to custom data and information. A recent enhancement to The Mi.Net System is Mi.Data ? a web-based portal that enables municipalities to strengthen relationships with consumers by providing a consolidated view of water and electricity usage online.

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