The Pressure Is On…

Your utility now has the power to have more control over your entire water distribution system and the data that streams from your meters and sensors. With Pressure Profile from Sensus, a Xylem brand, you can easily see the health of your water network with an ESRI map-based graphical interface and take action when adverse conditions appear. Through the integration of near real-time data in planning and modeling, you can more accurately adjust your system to ensure reliable service at every point in your water network.

Sensus Pressure Profile System

Utilizing the Sensus FlexNet® Communication Network, you’ll receive full visibility into your water network by having tools to monitor pressure throughout your entire distribution system. Pressure Profile leverages data from Sensus smart meters and sensors and puts the data at your fingertips – to empower you to be proactive and efficient with pressure management, asset management, operations, and improved customer service. Visualize, trend, and set remote alarms to monitor key assets with the Pressure Profile Application.

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