One Meter for All Your Utility’s Needs

Are you capturing every drop in your water utility? Since commercial and industrial water customers make up a large portion of your water revenue, you need a meter that will capture consumption at revolutionary low flow rates and has the flexibility to install in almost any configuration.

Sensus Cordonel

Continuing as the innovators of static metrology, Sensus introduces Cordonel®– the newest commercial and industrial meter that is adaptable to any size utility. Cordonel’s U0D0 installation design means zero upstream and downstream straight pipe requirements and no loss of accuracy. With its ultrasonic technology and compatibility with the Sensus FlexNet® communication network, Cordonel captures low flows more accurately than traditional meters. Cordonel can also provide water temperature and pressure information, giving you greater insight into your system, its operating conditions, and the quality of water you deliver to your consumers.

With unparalleled accuracy, Cordonel sets a new standard in measurement and technology. Learn more about Cordonel here.

Sensus a Xylem Brand
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