Hydradig: One Machine Tackles 5 Big Challenges

On the surface, the JCB Hydradig looks like a wheeled excavator. However, this fully loaded machine is capable of much more—like solving some of the biggest challenges in construction.

JCB Hydradig

#1 Limited Budgets

Seeing a return on investment is vital when investing in heavy equipment, which is why JCB created a machine which gives customers the ability to consolidate multiple machines into one and make better use of tight budgets. The Hydradig can be used as a wheeled tool carrier. Switching between a variety of attachments is quick and easy, allowing one machine to replace the role of many. Whether it’s cleaning out ditches that are overgrown, cutting back brush at the side of the road using a mower, storm cleanup or loading into a trailer with a grapple, the versatility of the Hydradig is unmatched.

#2 Shrinking Workforce

It is no secret that the pool of qualified operators is shrinking. Jobsites across the country are working with an operator shortage, which decreases productivity while tasks are put on hold until operators on other jobsites are available.

The Hydradig tackles this issue head-on with its all-in-one approach. One fully trained operator can achieve multiple tasks on-site without the need to draft in ancillary manpower. With a tail swing of just 5″ (120mm), the Hydradig can easily operate within the confines of a highway shoulder and free up flagging teams to be utilized on other sites.

#3 Site Safety

Safety on-site is of the upmost importance and is critical to business longevity. One of the biggest factors in site safety is visibility. Often, traditional wheeled excavators don’t offer the best visibility which increases the risk of an accident on-site. The Hydradig allows unobstructed in-cab visibility to all four wheels, the dozer blade, the tow hitch and any fitted attachments. With a king post coming as standard, you can even offset the boom and dipper, giving the operator not only a clear line of site to their attachment but also their direction of travel.

With several other key safety features coming as standard, the Hydradig aims at reducing the risk of injury on-site without hindering productivity.

#4 Aging Road Network

With over 4.8 million miles of roads across North America, maintenance and upkeep are a constant challenge for municipal governments. Metropolitan and rural areas alike experience this challenge, and JCB believes the Hydradig is the solution. It is able to run a suite of pothole repair attachments that provide a three-in-one solution for cutting, cropping and cleaning potholes. With these three carefully designed attachments, there is no need for additional specialist equipment or extra manpower, which saves time and money.

The Hydradig can cover 250 square meters per day and provides a permanent fix that only takes about eight minutes per pothole. These attachments, along with an array of ditch and brush-cleaning attachments, make the Hydradig a perfect fit within any municipal fleet.

#5 Machine Maintenance

Machine maintenance and servicing is key to increasing the longevity of your machine and maximizing ROE. With that in mind, JCB aims to make it easier than ever to conduct maintenance on your machine.

The Hydradig has ground-level access to all daily checks and filters for fast and safe servicing, without the need to climb on the upper structure. The Hydradig also meets the latest emissions legislation without the need for a DPF, which means maximum uptime and no costly DPF replacements.

Learn more about the JCB Hydradig at jcb.com.


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