eBook: The True Cost of Your Paper RFP Process

Bonfire True Cost Utilities ebook

Utilities organizations are facing increased pressure to keep rates low while maintaining high service standards. Procurement can be a key contributor of cost reductions and efficiency gains—however, it’s hard to achieve this mandate when you’re bogged down by paperwork.  Paper-based bid and RFP processes have become unsustainable.

In the eBook, “The True Cost of Your Paper RFP Process,” we take a look at five ways offline procurement processes are costing your utilities organization, through:

  • Limited competition
  • Wasted time
  • Missed opportunities for cost savings
  • Risks of costly errors, and
  • Obstacles to talent retention and employee morale.

Download the eBook to dive deeper into how eliminating paper and digitizing your procurement process can help your procurement team get bids and RFPs out the door faster, reduce organizational risk, and maximize funds at hand.

Click here for the full eBook.


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